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OK so, im new to the forum here...i dont own an SS.

I just bought the FIRST 2005 COBALT LS SPORT Coupe to roll into the dealer I work for...fresh off the truck.

now, i have been going through, updating the factory stereo, and got 90% done, and came to a screeching halt when the door speakers came to be replaced... WTF is this plastic crap around the speaker? does anyone know of an adaptor plate to upgrade this???

HELP! im almost done converting the car to my custom sound project!

Jim McKay Chevrolet
Fairfax VA
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Yeah somebody will probably make a mount for it. I know Best Buy and Circuit City have several types of mounts, cause I have and do install(ed) for them. I used to work for CCity and am now employeed at BestBuy. Take the speaker w/ you w/ the bracket if you can get it out of the door (Cause they wont have anything listed for Cobalts yet) and take it to one of these places or any custom shop around your area. A lot of times brackets will work for several different cars so see if any of them will fit your car. Also, a lot of times you can just pull the speaker from the bracket(glued on) and screw the new one in. - Hope this helps!

If not keep checkin w/ Metra. BB and CC both carry Metra products.

Just curious, what size are all the speakers??!?!
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