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spoiler removal

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anyone have any idea how to get the spoiler off of an SS? it has 4 bolts but also they used some super adhesive that prevents the spoiler from coming off.. i dont have any other ideas other than to take it to a body shop. I think the car would look a lot better without.

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A lot of people use fishing line to remove badges that are adhesed to the body. Then use an adhesive remover to remove the remaining adhesive stuck to the body.

How do you plan on filling in the screw holes?
I'd rather put the LS spoiler in its place. Subtle, yet distinguished.
well the adheasive is 3m double sided tape. Its a super bitch to get off, unless u have the kentmoore tool its like a rubber wheel thats paint safe ane u put in a air drill we have one at our dealershipif u pull on the wing enough it will come off but will leave probally 90% of the adheasive behind. As far as using adheasive remover its a messy pain in the ass. best bet would be going to a body shop having them remove fill and spray or going to ur dealer and have them remove it as a temporary fix u could use plastic push in retrainers to keep out water and what not . . .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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