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Wow! That is an AWESOME SITE!!!
I keep sayin I want a Cobalt SS cause its more practical, but my dream car has been an 02 Camaro SS (black, t-tops, leather, 6 spd, SLP package... Im not too picky) Ever since I can remember well it wasnt neccesarily an 02 until they quit makin em.
And every time I see videos (like the Wish I may video at the bottom) It makes me crave that rwd LS1 grunt again. I cant take it man Im torn! Which ride should I get???? Sorry to whore your thread man.

Was that Focus on spray??? or s/c or what?!??!?!
All i know is that it's turbo'd. The owner of the car keeps it pretty secret about the details (don't know why). Anyways, he ran an 11.3 I believe
svtfocus said:
All i know is that it's turbo'd. The owner of the car keeps it pretty secret about the details (don't know why). Anyways, he ran an 11.3 I believe
secret my ass. :rolleyes:

Just "turboed" is an understatement. You can't even boost a focus without alot of money due to their weak ass rods and internals. Costs lots and lots of money to boost one reliably, much less have one run low 11's. Props to the owner of the car.

Here are the details on this car:

The car used to be an HKS project car apparently. This was the second pass on the car also

2000 ZX3
Arias Pistons – 9.5:1
Eagle Rods
ARP main studs and head bolts
Ported/polished head, crower springs, retainers
Crower stage 2 cams – old style
Ford Racing intake manifold with custom fabricated adapter to mate to head.
Focus Central 65mm throttle body
1000cc injectors
HKS F-CON VPRO Fuel management computer
Twin Bosch “004” high flow fuel pumps
5 Gal fuel cell
HKS Custom Modified fuel rail
Custom stainless turbo manifold
HKS GT-II 50mm Wastegate
HKS GT3037S Turbocharger
Custom fab exhaust by HKS
HKS Type S Intercooler
Custom fab breather box
Custom fab coolant recovery system
HKS EVC PRO Boost Controller
DPG Billet Clutch and flywheel with solid hub sintered iron disc
Quaife differential
Autopower Roll bar
KW coilovers

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Yea..those were the upgrades I was going to mention lol
Ha...I saw that guy in Vegas last friday. The car freaking smokes. He raced my buddies STi and destroyed him...Great car, looks even sweeter in person.
So its not even an SVT??? Wow. If I tuned any Focus it would HAVE to be an SVT because of the 6spd tranny.
uhhhhh ok kind of a stupid ass vid
Why? People post vids of races all the time, at least this one was at a lighted drag strip so you could see it!
I'm almost bummed that I didn't keep my SVT Focus now. :)
dazednconfused--you traded you svtf for an RL? You like it a lot more?
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