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ss missfire

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got my new ss on thursday and i'm already having problems with it!.It was fine and it just started missing and smoking black at take off.I brought it to the dealer and they dont really know whats wrong!!.anyway did this happen to anyone here yet??
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My SS has been running fine. But im not sure about any black smoke coming out next time i launch her ill have ta check sorry i couldnt help.
what octane fuek are you useing maybe that could do with it
My dealer admitted to filling mine up with regular unleaded (85 octane here in Utah) when I picked it up brand new, I noticed after I ran that fuel out and refueled it that the second tank got a little better MPG and ran just a tad snappier but even with 85 octane it ran OK and didn't smoke at all.
I have heard cases on others SS's of bare wires grounding or shorting out in the engine compartment, check all the wire harnesses on the driver side of the engine that come from under the painted silver plastic spark plug cover or better yet tell the dealer to check them or call GM Tech Assist for help if they can't find the problem.
I finally got it back today!!!! :) it runs fine.they found a wire touching somewhere and causing missfire.if this happens to anyone let me know and i will find out exactly what wire it is.thanks for the help!
in my redline I have had 2 misfires and man it just shuts the motor down. I also had the coil pack go down and leave me in a parking lot as well. That one was fun pulling into a parking lot and then I was coasting it was odd. Started it forever but never fired then they trucked it to saturn and fixed.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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