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SS racing/sightings

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Figured I'd start this up, been a while since i've posted. Been putting the miles on my SS and it's nicely broken in now. Anyhow back to the topic.

Haven't seen any SS's in my area at all(NJ). Been to Delware, and Maryland still no sightings, although I know they're down there. Still haven't "raced" against someone at a light and whatnot, and didn't feel like ripping it up to catch that idiot in his 80 something honda/toyota on the GSP. Still waiting to meet someone at a light.... :cool:

Decided to open her up the other day though on a nice straightaway, dropped into fourth and from there I ripped it. Brought her up to about 120 for a good 3 minutes until I saw someone pulled over a good 3/4 mile down the highway so I slowed down to play it smart. To get this long post over with, what have you guys/gals been doing with your SS's?
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I own the one in maryland that you mentioned. If you were in Md. this
past weekend no wonder you didn't spot mine, it was at the dealer all
weekend. Last week I noticed a big glob of black grease/sealer on the
back end of the sunroof cover. And rather than try and clean it myself
I said "let the dealer clean it or replace it." They got it spotless. :)

I also noticed some bad audio crackling in the back speakers. So they checked that out and found loose screws in the speakers. Fixed that too. :)

They gave me a loaner car till I got the SS back. A 03 Impala, not a bad car
but no Cobalt SS.
I think the majority of some of the members are still waiting for theirs....or still deciding.
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