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SS slow in the heat

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Well, it was 118 yesterday, and 96 degrees at midnight. Boy does the heat kill the performance of our cars! There is like ZERO density in the air going to my engine right now. I won't really know the true power of my car until winter hits, and i can feel the power more. I'm just not rally feeling it now (other than in first gear). LOL I don't really know why I startesd a thread for this, but mayube there are some Az people on here that own SS's or SRT's that could tell me if there's a noticeable performance difference in FI cars during winter and summer months.

reason I bring this up is cuz the car doesn't seem much faster than my SVT Focus :confused:
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It hit 108 sometime last week here in Va(atleast thats what the car thermometer said and boy it did feel like it too) and I didn't noticed any loss in power.
was you A/C on????? Because if it is that is a huge power restrictor.
I hope you're running some 91+ octane in her. High tempertures and low humidity, require higher octanes 3-5points worth to get the same power levels as lower temps. I see you live in AZ, enough said. Just remember the freaks come out at night, 70-75 degree air and life is good. :) Don't feel bad even the srt doesn't like 90+ weather either, just doesn't make good power in the heat, but the boost gauge is always peaking 17+ with the warm air. ;)
I don't know if this has been brought up on this board, but with the RL, almost all of them have the intercooler (call it whatever you want, this is the most common term) pump is wired backwards. Just a thought.
Ah.. The midwest, where you get 8 months of good driving weather. As for the other for other 4 months. Well I think you guys can figure what happens then. :mad:
I wonder what kind of power mine will make when its -30 outside up here in the great white north ;D
Water Wetter in the I/C help a noticable amount. It netted me a 14.5 bone stock.
It was near 40C in Medicine Hat yesterday, so I hit the AC for a bit and without question it gobbled up power. This morning at 17C it was rearing to go!
I have the same problem being in AZ with my CSVT. What should be around 400HP, ends up feeling more like 200-250! Just gotta deal with it I guess...

heat kills performance period... and a FI car already has enough heat under the hood. 100+ temps don't make it any better.
Yea, know the feeling all too well... Its a combo of factors. Air, pavement, and engine temps together just ruin performance.

Ddogsrt....Well, I'm driving slow right now cuz I don't trust that the dealership put 91 in my tank (still on first tank of gas!). So, I'm going to put 91 here ina day or two, and see if it helps. Coulda just been the jagoffs at the dealership, sopping my power with shitty fuel.

Also, it was 96F at midnight last night! So there is no "cool night air" here right now.
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