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SS vs. Mustang GT

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I was on my way home from work today on the freeway, when an '01-'03 GT rolls up beside me. He revs his car, then slowly pulls fwd..I catch up to him, and gave him the "let's go" nod. We started at 75mph. I downshifted to 3rd..then i heard him downshift and we were off....We were dead even the whole time! His loud exhaust was screaming, but no pass . We race to about 120mph and let off. I gave him the thunbs up, and got off the next exit. I bet the guy was suprised to see a 4 banger with the dealer tasg still on it keep up with him

Then on the street, two hot chicks in an SVT Focus, tried to race, but there was too much traffic. I know I'd win though, cuz i just traded mine in for this beast!
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Sweet! and LOL Ive never had a girl try to race me! But I do know one girl that WILL be racin me when I get mine! 2000 Civic Si, and let me tell you she can drive, it aint stock now, and is supposed to be boosted by then but we'll see....
Way Cool bro

I was wondering if it could keep up with a mustang. I'm pretty sure he was surprised. Nobody where I live want to race, except for a run down jetta. no challenge. Later bro
I don't know if you could beat one light to light, but on the freeway, should a good race.
I have beat an 03' Mustang GT light to light, but thats because my car is all torque/low end. It would prolly crush me in mid range driving though like between 50-70mph it all depends on how my car feels on any given day, old cars have a mind of their own.
I raced a 05 Mustang not a GT. We were doing about 60-65 when we both hit it but I droped it into 3rd of course and the only thing I saw was him in my review miorr I think I let off around 100-110 I think he was a little peed off lol lol...
I raced my buddies 03 GT (at the track) and around 80 mph he started pulling.
Yeah, Bizo, The v6's are kind of anemic, good kill though! :D
clownhair said:
I raced my buddies 03 GT (at the track) and around 80 mph he started pulling.
That makes sense. Don't know how this guy went to 120mph neck and neck:confused:

3200lbs+ + 260bhp vs. 3000lbs+ + 240ishBHP = maybe it did happen:confused:

I'd like to see it happen though
weight doesnt mean nearly as much @ 120 mph as it does for the launch
no way a stock mustang gt wont pull on a stock ss at over 80 mph
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