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I've got a few extra stickers that I'm looking to sell cheap. I cut them out at work to use on my sticker bombing project. I'm just selling the extra ones that I cut and did not use. I have them in dark blue, and white. Other colors and designs will listed when I cut them out, and figure out how many I have left over. I'll sell them for $1.50 each plus postage, or 4 for $5 including postage. Also please remember there is a paypal fee. I will calculate fee and let you know the total and my paypal address. All the measurements I listed are in inches.(HxW) If your intrested in any of these please email me at [email protected] since I do not get a chance to to check all of the forums all the time.

11 Brass Knuckles 3.5W x 1.5H
4 Brass Knuckles 4x2
4 White Check Engine Lights 4x2
7 Chevy Logos 4.5x1.5
4 Skull & Cross Wrenches 4x3
4 White Famous Stars & Straps 3.25x4
8 Android Eating Apple 1 2.5x2.5
7 Android Eating Apple 2 2.25x2.5
6 Monster Logos 3x3
2 Autobots Logos 3.25x3
7 Decepticons 2x2.5
8 NY Giants Logo 2x1.5
6 DC Shoes Logo 2.5x2
4 Nautical Stars 4x4

Dark Blue
9 Brass Knuckles 4x2
6 Famous Stars & Straps 3x3.5
8 Android Eating Apple 1 2.5x2.5
8 Android Eating Apple 2 2.25x2.5
12 Monster Logos 2.5x3.5
1 Autobots Logo 3.25x3
14 Decepticons Logos 2.75x3
5 NY Giants Logos 3x2.25
10 DC Shoes Logos 3.5x3
8 Bear Paws 2.5x2.75

5 Check Engine Lights 4x2
5 Chevy Logos 4.5x1.5
6 Brass Knuckles 4x2
4 Yellow Decepticons 2.75x3
4 Domo Doing Shocker 2.5x3
4 Nautical Stars 4x4
4 Famous Stars & Straps 3.5x4

Reflective Red
2 Android Eating Apple 1 2.5x2.5
1 Autobots 3.25x3
2 Nautical Stars 4x4
2 Brass Knuckles 4x2
2 Check Engine Lights 4x2
2 Chevy Logos 4.5x1.5

Monster Energy Logo

Autobots Logo

Brass Knuckles

Decepticons Logo

Android Eating Apple 1

Android Eating Apple 2

DC Shoes Logo

NY Giants Logo

Bear Paw

Famous Stars & Straps Logo

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