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stickypod trials

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I made this short vid the night I got the stickypod in. I basically just went out got on it a little, hit bumps and rough surfaces to try and see what effects it would have on the quality. I forgot to put the rubber washer in the base so the video would of been even less shaky in some portions. All in all I love this stickypod. Its going to aid in some awesome angles and footage at the track or street or wherever.

For those interested, you will also be taking a ride along side my TL HID bi-xenon projectors in my car.

Click here to see Video

:cool: This is the one I bought. Its pratically all you would ever need. $59 for this one!
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nice, is it for a specific camera?
or is it universal?
Universal. Tip:all cameras, even old 35MMs used the same type of threads and hook ups.
nice next mod... hahaha!
87camaroPA said:
Nice video and DAMN thouse lights are bright. LOL. :D

Hehe thanks! ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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