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I finally received the dyno charts, and made up a little movie..
I was happy with the numbers.

Video Link (Fixed) (please leave some comments before all the haters do)

I made 2 pulls, and it was on a Dynojet, not a mustang dyno.
With SAE Correction Factor, and Smoothing 5, my results were:

First Pull-4th Gear:
WHP: 215
TQ: 183

Second Pull-3rd Gear:
WHP: 220
TQ: 187

I had a great time, and it was my first time to a dyno. I ran into 1stbluess up there (seeing he lived right down the street) nice guy, cant wait to meet up again at the Michigan meet. Now that i have some stock numbers to play with, i can start the modding.

I have the charts with A/F and such also, i will upload them after work.
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