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Sunroof button troubles

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Anyone here have their car with a sunroof? I have one and today the button worked loose as I was closing it and I took the cover off and luckily i was able to snap it back in place and it works fine. Now though the cover won't stay back on. Is the cover some standard part they keep in stock at dealerships or will they order me one? This definately is covered under warranty right?
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SUPERGLUE!!! Sorry no I wouldnt do that unless it wouldnt be noticeable, take it to the dealer, this new of a car shouldnt be doin shit like that!
its def warranty theyll order you one no one will ahve that in stock.
My button feel to and it is bull because it is a new car
Mine works fine now. I didn't feel like messing with the dealer on something this simple so I followed CoBizzles joking advice of super glue LMAO. Once I manuevered the little bastard back in place a place a small dab of superglue where the clips contacted metal retainers and its like a rock now. Plus I used some glue on the covers tabs and it ain't going no where now :D
What can I say, Im smarter than the average bear! :D
Superglue can and DOES fix a lot of things! Trust me you take a car to any install bay, there is a chance of it comin out superglued! As long as its not noticeable, its fine, Heck it holds BETTER most of the time: as with dervin3's situation!
One question, what happens if you need to remove it to do any type of work up there, will it be able to come off easy enough?
You could probably just pull the liner from around the headliner, and pull the headliner down just a little and go in that way. Not sure, havent seen one yet, but its a possibility...
I don't see any reason for having to get back in it unless the button breaks or something. I would then just break it again, fix whatever needed fixed and glue it back. If glue fixed it once, it'll fix it twice.
my cover fell off too..I can get the switch to stay inplace but the second I try to install the cover the button pops off....
Also my outside door handle doesnt work LOL the clip must have broke cuz I hear the rod moving around loose inside the door
My sunroof button fell out the first time I used it, I was still at the dealership and they didn't have the part in-stock but cannibalized another Cobalt to make the repair also had service engine light that they reset and no further trouble so far 1,600 miles later.
Man, this sucks, I got my car yesterday and am loving it, and the stupid button came loose, then the cover, and then the cover broke, so now i get to take it to get it fixed on monday and explain to everybody at work why my new car is in the shop. at least i'm not alone.
My cover fell off the second day I had the car. I brought it back to the dealership and they fixed it. I wouldnt superglue shit on a new car!!! Bring it back to the dealership and have them fix it right.
P.S. drink their free coffee while you wait
i fixed my own yesterday. it can be done, you just need some patience and luck. if all that has ever happened to you is the trim piece falling down, it should be easier to fix. the design problem is that the trim peice clips aren't long enough, or that the headliner is too thick. i took the whole thing apart and figured out how it works. the metal frame attaches to the hole in the headliner by the four metal tabs (A) you can see on the hedliner. the button fits in a cradle made by four more tabs (B) that point toward the roof. these are bent to hold the button. there are also two metal tabs (C) that face inward, that hold the button up in the frame. when you push the button up into the frame, these two tabs i just mentioned (C) will push against the button and hold it in place, and the other tabs (B) will keep the button from moving around and going up into the roof. The first set of tabs I mentioned (A) attach the whole thing to the headliner. You won't be able to pull the button back down without using a screwdriver to push one of the tabs out of the way. before even attempting to put the trim back on, you need to make sure that the button is secure and all of these tabs are in place. once that is done, its time to worry about the trim. it also has two tabs (D). the reason no one can make the trim reattach is that when you push it, even though the tabs (D) are lined up with the holes in the metal frame, they can't click into place because the headliner is too thick. you are just pushing the metal piece as well as the headliner up. you need to be able to compress the headliner. you can probably imagine how easy it is to assemble the part at the factory, with the headliner down. you just squeeze the two pieces together like a sandwich and then install the headliner. the big problem people have is when they push the trim piece, it makes the button fall out of place. this is because the pressure causes the clips that hold the button up (C) to let go and the button falls down. with the button crooked, the trim will never go on. i boke my first trim piece trying to push it in, so that is definitely possible, but the second one worked fine. i lined everything up, then kept pushing up until it clicked, bearing in mind that i was trying to compress the headliner, and that there was nothing holding the metal frame in place on the other side of the headliner. this perspective helped me judge the necessary force to get it back in place. the button did come loose, but i used my finger to keep it centered. once the trim was back on, the button was still centered on the tabs (B), it had just come loose from tabs (C). i just pushed the button straight up, while using the rest of my hand to try to keep pressure off the trim piece, and the button clicked into place. i haven't had a problem since then. i hope this helps.
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:eek: OMG, I guess I know what I will be playing with on the way to work tomorrow... ;) Sun roof button here I come :D
I was wondering if I was the only one with this problem. I guess not. I think I am going to go with the superglue trick so I dont have to deal with the "idiots" at the dealership. They are a real pain. They had to order that part in for me before I ever bought the car- because they stole the first one to put it in another Cobalt SS. So this is a brand new one that fell out 4 days after I bought the car. So I think I am going to fix it permanently by superglue method. It sounds like a little of a design problem that GM needs to fix, but as we all know they wont do it. OH WELL
Man, I'm the one that got your piece baldeagle. before i figured out how to fix it, i just jammed it up there until it broke, and when I took it back to bill heard, they had a guy snatch one off another cobalt. when i went back to service to tell them i fixed it myself, there was a blue cobalt in the service center, and the work order said they needed a new piece for it.
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