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Suspension Comparison

Any of you guys local to Chicago?? I need a Cobalt to look at the suspension. Or, if some of you guys could compare the SS to the Redline, I'd like to know if there's any reason we can't use the Cobalt springs on the Redlines. I've noticed that the Eibach springs for the Cobalt and Cobalt LS have the same part numbers as the Ion and Ion Quad Coupe. Since we have nearly identical cars, particuarly in the platform/suspension/chassis, I'm wondering if we can't use the Eibach springs made for the SS....

Even better... if someone can check the part numbers of both the Redline and SS springs through a dealer that would be great too. Any help would be wonderful.

Anyone near Chicago, drop me a line here or over at the Redline forums. I would only need about 20-30 mins to check everything over.
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