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Syncro Swap

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So I've noticed that sometimes when I rev the engine in neutral it stays reved up longer than usual. Somebody told me it was possibly the syncro and I've heard the syncros in these cars often go out.

So I was wondering 1st off if this is something that is easy enough to do myself and how much this should cost. Also I would like to be able to wait until the spring to have it done if possible. I don't really notice it much but it isn't going to go out before then or ruin other parts of the car will it?
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syncro wont have anything to do with you being in neutral. You didnt engage the tranny so i dont see how they could affect your revs.

a lightened flywheel will give better rev response

if your hell bent on changing out your syncros, you could do it yourself however there is a special 500.00 tool that has been mentioned to do a swap though alot of people improvised their own without needing it.

Probably looking at whatever the amount of replacing a clutch is if someone else does it. I would take it to a shop that actually knows what they are doing.
Ok well, I was talking to a guy who knows his stuff. He's got a seriously beefed up Impala and he and his dad do a lot of work on car. He did say he was not a manual guy but I figured that he was right being that I heard Cobalts have bad syncros.

So I wasn't concerned originally by this until he had said something. Should I be?
he is right. Our syncros are crap. Everytime you hear a grind going in to whatever gear means your lowering the life of the syncronizer. I had my 2nd gear grind all the time and eventually had the whole transmission replaced. I havent had the issue since but it seems that if you get a bad tranny, you will know it.

Only thing you could really do is cryo everything or have a custom tranny shop like shepard build you one.

Another tip to keep your transmission intact is to get your linkage cables tightened every 30,000 miles. You will know if you need it done because when you are at a stop light if you shift from 1st, to 2nd to 3rd and then back again it feels like it "loosened" up the shift and not feel as sloppy.
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