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Nite Shades tint spray paint (1 or 2 cans, depending on desired effect) (get it from or
Clear Top Coat (with UV blockers)
Painters Masking Tape
Sand paper (Fine (600 grit) and Extra Fine (1000 grit))

What you'll do:

Remove the tail lights. I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this... haha

Lightly sand the entire area to be painted using the Fine sand paper. Basically just sand enough to scuff the surface so you don't have any problem with the paint sticking.

Mask the reverse lights if you want. Take your time and make sure to mask carefully and precisely. This will pay off when you are done.

Tint the lights, follow the directions on the can. Use many, light coats. You should not even see any tint effect for the first several coats. The paint is extremely thin, and will run very easily. This makes for a very poor look when the lights are on.

Let each coat dry for about a half hour before adding another. If you need to let it go longer than that (for example, overnight), lightly sand the surface with 1000+ grit sandpaper (or just use a brown grocery bag as sandpaper) just to remove any overspray or dust that has settled and stuck.

One can should get all them a nice deep red. Two cans will basically black them out - It's a matter of preference. Do yourself a favor take a piece outside in the sunlight as you're getting close to the darkness you want. You'll get a better look at the end result.

When you've finished tinting the lights, let them dry for 24 hours. Then cover them with a couple coats of a good clear spray polyurethane (preferably with UV blocking ingredients). This will keep them from chipping easily, and hopefully the UV blockers will help keep them from fading. Lastely, wetsand with 1000 grit and then apply more clear til they are super shiny.

After the lights have been dry for 30 days, sand them again with the 1000 grit wax them with a cleaner wax (try Meguiar's Cleaner Wax paste).

Good Luck!
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