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Test drove a black SS

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Let me tell ya...i loved it ...the dealer guy didnt go with my girlfreind and i just ripped through the gears...I was getting a ton of looks from ricers. I love it!!!! awesome car.
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Sweet! You got lucky that the dealer didnt ride with you!! A guy around here wanted to test drive a nice lookin 5.0 Mustang but the dealer rode with him, apparently he didnt care cause on the way back as he took off from a stop he put it in second and ever so slowly revved it higher and higher slowly accelerating, dealer told him to shift gears so he SLAMMED it in 3rd and took off haulin ass!!! Dealer screamin at him the whole time!! LOL
My salesman asked me to get on it, said he had been wondering what the car could do. I think there are still finger nail marks in the dashboard... :D
All of the times that i went with a test drive they all came along but most of them were real cool about it and let you get on it a little.
hows the drive on that thing? .. im pretty soon gonna check those
gayisok said:
Is it true that once you go black ? :p
Ok, somewhat of an old thread but dude that is sooo wrong.
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