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hello to those who know me!
i am having some trouble with my car. i am pretty qualified to diagnose and fix it myself, and i have a few ideas but i'd like to know if anyone else has something to say that i don't know!
ok so i'll start the car cold engine coolant is about 86F
-MIL light, reduced engine power
-occasionally it will misfire when the MIL light comes on. i clear the codes with the interceptor and the car regains control of it's idle.
-i get a p1681 by itself
-or a p2101 by itself
-p2135, p0507 and p0496 were shut off via hptuners to pass inspection last month.
-i hear a grinding noise like there's rocks in my thr***le body being tumbled around. when i hit closed loop at 113F, the sound keeps going. it will randomly stop.
-the connector is in good.
-the car gradually got worse. it started with a mil light once in a blue moon, then progressed to reduced engine power messages. i would clear them and the problem went away for about a month and come back.
-i drive the car now and i press the pedal to the floor, the car goes but very slowly like the tb won't open. the car will not go past 10hg on my vac gauge and the needle shakes. i checked the interceptor for thr***le percentage, seems normal. it will sputter slightly sometimes and randomly give me a mil light, misfiring again. i clear it, it goes away. sometimes it will come back several times in a row.
-my pcm does not match the defective julian date

so I have a feeling it's either my TB, my PCM or my tune.
first step is replacing the tb, because i suspect the gear inside may be stripped, causing the gradual worsening of the problem and the grinding sound.
if that doesn't work i will flash back to stock.
if that doesn't work i'll buy a new pcm
if anyone can save me time or money please speak up!
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