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Well im gonna be selling this look under my formy, and getting a sport compact, for a few reasons, my car is getting old, not just driving but im afraid once it turns 100k miles it might die on me.. Im at 83 right now so yea got some time to decide. I plan on selling my car and ive been saving for down payment on something new.. The choices are between an srt-4 and a SS. Im looking for something for under 25k. Now my car is good for low 13's maybe even high 12's... What car will suit me best, i want something with a nice interior and something that doesnt look tooooo cheap hehe i know for 25k u wont get this amazingly fast and amazingly luxorious car but i want the best i can get. Im also looking for something that will be similarly fast, i know the srt 4 can be good to 400 streetable DD type car, im wondering how far will the cobalt go b4 it wont be a good DD... I really want the cobalt but if its not gonna deliver the same speeds im looking for then i might have the get the srt-4 and live with the fact that once u drive it home its now worth 16k$ =)
If i do get an SS i want the performance pack, and ive seen the pics of the seats, they are god aweful, why write racerio? or w/e its callled on them its lame. So im wondering if we will be able to order just the LSD. Another perk of the SS is 2 doors. But a draw off is the wheels and the space they leave in the wheel wells, i wanted to get 17's or 16's for obvious reasons, weight and i like smaller rims better. but with those huge arse wheel wells that wont be possible. And things that turn me off of the srt4 is mainly turbo cars are known to be un reliable, this being a DD i need a reliably fast car, my formula has not given me a single problem and has never had to go into the shop.
Some incites or anything into why some of you think the SS will be a better choice than the srt4 is much appreciated, also if anyone has any info on the ACR srt4 that would be great also.
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It's a tough one, the SRT4 is the faster car hands down, and will respond to mods a lot better, on the other hand it's a 4 door with a neon body and interior. The SS seems to have a nice interior and body, but I don't see them hitting 12's without too much work. As far as the ACR model, really not worth it, just buy an 04 SRT4 now, get the moar suspension and you've got the same car for cheaper(considering you buy a new 04).
I like both of these cars, the Cobalt looks a lot more sportier than the SRT4, but I also like the fact that people call it a ugly neon and then loose, then they say "it's still a neon" makes me laugh every time. I say consider the new mustang as well, you can get the GT for under 25K and it'll be a car you'll love and will respond very well to bolt ons.
sport compacts only, cuz if i dont get 1 im def going with a gto=) im cool with high 12's im just wondering how much it will cost to get the SS into that range. My friend is trying to persuade me into keeping my car and doing a sleeper cam with a blower or something, which sounds promising but then the fact still remains, my car is nearing 100k miles... What are people getting the 04 srt's for out the door? i want the viper seats as only option and maybe the stereo. no sun roof for weight saving=) right now i have only my front seats in my car the rest is gone, plan on doing something similar with the next car i get, and it seems it would fit the cobalt ss better since its 2 door, imagine a neon with no back seats=)
anybody with a redline know how they respond to mods?
The Cobalt SS is a better handleing car than the SRT-4 as far as i know because that is what all of the test drivers are saying and me personaly i would go with the SS over the SRT-4 because the interior of the SS is nice.
If you want a sport compact, then I would honestly drive both cars, see which one suits your driving style, one being turbocharged and one supercharged makes for two completely different rides as well as feel and power.
In the Turbocharged car you will experience turbolag no matter how big the turbo is, and you will feel that while driving, where as the supercharged cobalt will have a linear power delivery, very simular to a naturaly aspirated car. Lots of things to consider, honestly book a test drive for both and go on from there. :)
My thoughts: Don't bash the Recaro seats until you've sat in them. There's a reason Recaro seats are $600+ apiece, and it's not because they are popular, it's because they are quality.

I sat in them in the Red Line, they are very comfy and look great w/ matching rear seats.
Yea, well in my area there are way too many srt-4's which is why i was thinking of looking into an ACR if i go that path. But hearing about the twin charging kit from psi fi. puts something new on the whole thought process, for 3-4k$ u can get best of both worlds as some 1 noted in a diff post. as with him ill be fine with 300-350 hp, and beings as i will plan on lighter rims and weight reduction will put me in low 12's prolly. Even tho smaller rims wont look to great i will put 16's most likely, i plan on removing the wing, finding some kind of temp plug to plug those holes. prolly taking back seats out, some of the carpet in the back of the car. or just remove the padding in the back. I rarely have any one in the back of my car currently, which is why i have no seats back there=)
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