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OK Here it is. I just finished installing the TWM Shift Cable Clamp. So Here goes. The instruction sheet was very good. I added a few tools to make it easy. I used a T-20 torx driver. 15 mm ball allen for the last screw on the clamp and a 15 mm allen socket on a 12 inch extension. Straight snap ring pliers work best. A rag. First everyone should know how to take your console apart . Follow the direction sheet if you dont. After removing the shift boot and console covers I loosened the stock plastic shift cable clip and unscrewed the 4 torx and carefully pulled the shifter out. You can get the stock clamp off by pushing it back towards the shifter. It will come right off. Now dissassemble the clamp by taking the snap ring out and push the nylon base out. Apply the lithium grease to the nylon base and a little on the shifter ball. Put the base on a flat sutface and push the shifter ball straight down into the base. Reinstall the nylon base and snap ring making sure it is seated into the clamp. Apply locktite to the threads of the clamp screws.
Now put the clamp through the shifter hole and slide the shift cable into the clamp. Make sure all shifter parts are lined up and tighten the 4 torx down holding the shifter. Now get the shifter where you need it and snug the first 2 screws. Shift through the gears and fine tune the adjustment until you have it where you want it. Tighten all 3 screws. Dont over tighten. Remember the clamp is Aluminum. I used a ball allen to get the third screw. Give it a test drive . Make adjustments if needed. If happy put the console back together and enjoy.

The first 2 pictures are what the TWM clamp looks like on the shifter cable.


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