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Hey All
Was helping a buddy attempt to hook up an HID kit into his Cobalt.
Discovered an interesting little annoyance
The following relays ARE NOT REPLACEABLE AND ARE "BUILT-IN" to the underhood fuseblock.

Trunk release relay
Horn relay
Low beam relay
High beam relay
Fog light relay
Park lamp relay

* If any of these relays fail, it will be necessary to replace the ENTIRE fuse block!! Just though I'd give everyone a heads up, in case you ever went a looking for these relays.
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That does suck.... But hey relays dont go near as often as fuses do so at least thats good. I've been dealin w/ mobile electronics (mainly audio/video/security,etc) for a lil over two years as a job now and security is where ya have to use it most of the time on alarms and stuff. I have only seen one bad relay the whole time and it was straight out of the package, so hopefully there wont be any defaulty ones. Good eye man.
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