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A few friends and I are looking to start a new bi-weekly meet in Northridge on the corner of Devonshire and Reseda. We should have NO hassle from local PD or the general public since it is a quiet and out of the way parking lot on 2 major streets. As most of you know, here in the SFV its mostly JDM and a small handful of domestic and very very few Euro cars in the area. Lets get together and swaggify this meet in rich Euro awesomeness! I would love to see you all out there. The owners of the meet are myself (pearlecent blue mk4 Jetta on 18" CH6 knockoffs) and my buddy Anthony (black/red widebody S13 240sx) I would love to see some clean Chevy's roll through as I am considering having my uncle bring the Nova and the Cobalt out of the garage for this! I left some info here on the thread but everything is in detail on our Facebook page! Ill be checking the thread and page periodically for any questions so go nuts guys! Please keep the flaming to a minimum :D

10181 Reseda Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91324
On The Corner Of Reseda Blvd. & Devonshire St.
Behind O'Rielly Auto Parts

Every Other Saturday
Beginning October 1st
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