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I Am Looking For People Selling The Following Stock Cobalt SS Parts:

Stock Rally Yellow Front Bumper (Off A Cobalt SS/SC)
Stock Black Upper Grill (Off Of A SS/SC)
Stock Black Lower Grill (Off Of A SS/SC Or SS/NA)
Stock Driver Side Headlight (Off Of A SS/SC)

Stock Rally Yellow Rear Trunk Lid With No Holes Or Wing (Off Any Cobalt)
Stock Black Rear Grates (Off A Cobalt SS/SC)

Stock Silver Driver Side Window Switch (Off A Cobalt SS/SC)
Stock Silver Passenger Side Window Switch (Off A Cobalt SS/SC)
Stock Tan Flat A-Piliar. With No Gauge Pod (Off Of A SS/NA)

I Am Just Returning Everything Back To Stock Looking And Or Repairing Minor Cosmetics.

If Anyone Has Any Of These That I Listed Above, That They Want To Sell, Please Let Me Know And What You Want For It. Everything Must Be In Excellent Condition. I Am Looking For These As Soon As Possible. Pictures Would Be Appriciated. Please Only Serious Sellers Only!
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