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I never liked him anyway... which makes it all the sweeter.


'Survivor' winner faces tax charges
Richard Hatch, winner of the first season, accused of filing false returns after winning $1 million.
January 18, 2005: 12:50 PM EST
Richard Hatch has been charged with filing false tax returns.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Richard Hatch, the first winner of hit TV reality show "Survivor," has been charged with filing false tax returns, the office of the U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island announced Tuesday.

The office said Hatch filed a false income tax return that omitted more than $1 million he received for winning the first season of "Survivor." Hatch was also charged with failing to report approximately $321,000 paid to him by a Boston radio station.

According to a statement, the production company behind the hit CBS show paid Hatch $10,000 in August 2000 for appearing on the final episode of the first season and $1,000,000 after being declared the winner.

The district attorney's office alleged that, in November 2002, Hatch filed a false personal income tax return for the 2000 tax year by failing to report the $1,010,000 paid to him by the production company, Survivor Entertainment Group.

In addition, the district attorney's office said that Hatch was paid by a Boston radio station WQSX-FM for co-hosting its radio program "The Wilde Show." But he allegedly failed to report the $321,139 that the radio station paid to him for his appearances. Top of page
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