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What are you driving now or what was your primary car before if you have a Cobalt now

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Just wonderin what everybody is/was ridin before the Cobalts. Mine is a 1999 2.2L S-10 5-spd. I plan on keepin it when I get my SS and swap out the two for daily drivers to keep mileage down on both. The S-10 will hopfully be on the recieving end of an LS1 and T56 donor one day :D
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hey guys,
back to the original topic. i've been driving a well loved '95 geo prizm. been a
great little car,just getting long in the tooth. question of throwing more $ at a
10 year old car, or get that shiny red sports car i've always wanted.(easy
choice when i first started hearing 'bout cobalt ss)
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