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What did you pay and when?

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I am getting very tired of my 1999 Mercury Cougar and am definitely getting a cobalt ss. I heard of people getting them for 17 grand whereas others get them for 24 grand.

I am curious to see what the current members paid for theirs and what options.

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aww you have one of the nicest cougars in the boards... haha selling it so soon after you finish it up? I guess prices really depend on the dealer. If they have a bunch and are moving them out then you will prolly get a better deal. But if dealers hardly see them and get excited just to get their hands on one, then they might be a little more difficult with the price. Right now is a good time to buy with that GM discount going on, you get the cars at msrp. If you dont get the car with lsd and the recaros then i guess you can pick one up damn near 20. Good luck
I got my red baby on June 4th for 20,160
It has everything except recaros, lsd and sunroof
well... this is probably going to sound a little confusing. i have the cobalt LS... when i ordered it in october is was going to be $22 grand fully loaded. gm was giving me a lot of problems with me getting my car. they told me 3 months.. i waited 6 months. so with all of the problems they gave me.. i ended up paying $13 grand. less than the msrp of the base model cobalt.
Mine was 24,150 fully loaded except G85 package, got it 5/5/05 :D
Got mine for roughly $19K because the dealer made promises that they ended up having to honor. It is the regular SS with Sunroof and XM Radio.
Mine was $21.6k...moonroof, onstar, side air bags
I ended up paying 21,4xx for mine, XM, Sunroof, side airbags. With the employee discount, w/out MSRP was 23,440.

Looked at, test drove, and purchased all on 6/22/05!
I paid $20,395 for a victory red, red in black inserts, fully loaded, everything except side air bags... GM discount, GM HOTbutton $1000 discount, and a recall certificate for a gas tank law suit for $500. The salesman was an Ahole and I'll never shop at that chevy dealership again.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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