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Ok, I just bought a 2007 ss sc from a dealer, 42k miles. I was told that the car had a centerforce clutch, and some other mods and thats about it. The dealer also said that it ran a 13.1, no idea if thats bs. Im going to ask the dealer on monday to give the previous owner my email and phone # and ask him for details, but... How can i tell whats been done other than looking?

so far, i see...

zz performance 2.7 pulley
Aem cai
wrapped headers by???? and catback w/o cat, dealer is supposed to install new cat to get check engine light off
snow performance water/methanol injection kit

A-pillar 3-pack w/
boost guage (showing 17+ lbs at wot)
wideband o2 guage

Possibly more to be found...

Is there any way to LOOK and see if the injectors have been upgraded?

How about what tune is in it? I know the a/c doesn't work right now which makes me think maybe a gm stage 3 tune???

I'm diggin this forum... and would appreciate any feedback

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Yea its tuned, or who ever had it before you is retarted. Meth, in order to make it worth it you have to tune it, also make sure you getmeth in it, if not you can blow your motor. Iam not 100% o ninjectors tho
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