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what is the G85 package?

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What is the G85 package? Is it worth it or not?
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The G85 package is the additon of a limited slip differential (LSD), and recaro racing seats. It's a $1500 option. If you plan on auto xing, or raciong in the twisties often, then yes. If you're like me and just drive to work and back and have a few light races or freeway
Can you get LSD without the Recaros?
No you can't
Hopefully soon there will be an aftermarket Limited slip differental for less than 1,500 dollars
I just seen a black '06 with the G85 package at Langs Chevrolet in Bevercreek, Ohio yesterday. Only if it was blue It would of been sold. lol
I was informed today you can't order this package anymore. Anyone know whats going on?
i know the G85 was a limited production SS, but look for more when they roll out the 06'. They will have the G85 or somehting equilivent im sure.
any chance of them making the lsd and the good seats standard?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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