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Whats up CobaltSS Community

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Just wanted to say whats up to everyone, and hope to see some of you peeps out on the streets around my area. I drive a srt-4, and I am not one of the cocky [email protected]@holes everyone hears about...Hope you guys dont mind me stopping by in here.

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Hiyas! Saw my first SRT-4 the other was parked tho ;)
Yea, I have not seen any SS's around here yet...just the same ol mix of mitsu's and hondas.....gets kinda boring.
Welcome to the site man, I saw one of the new gen Mitsu Eclipse's today, out and about, I didnt even know they were released yet but they look a LOT better in person than in the photo shoots. I'll stick w/ my trek of buyin an SS though! ;)
sweet another georgia member
Welcome to that site and i have seen tons on SRT-4's and there are about 4 SS's in my area. :)
Hey gotta love ti the SRT abnd the SS new age american muscle, once again we can have an american car try to beat an american car nto just be out there hunting imports thats a good sign
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