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Where are you getting your performance parts??

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Hey, I just picked up my Cobalt SS a week ago and im trying to find performance mods. I read other peoples threads and see that they are out there but what website are you buying them from? Please help!
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Nothing is out yet performance wise unless you wanna fab an intake or fuck with the exhaust a bit. Look for early 2006 for MASS parts IMO.
selfinfliction said:
that intake is for an REDLINE only
ok mybad. I didnt know they would be different.

But the pulleys work :)
Any word on when Injen, AEM or K&N will be releasing their intakes??
i believe i read( on here somewhere) K&N will be within the month
Hi everyone!

you might want to try as they cater to a lot of the sport compact market, and their prices are pretty good.

I havent really shopped around for cobalt ss parts (obviously... look at my name :) ) but their stage 2 kit was anywhere from 20-200 less than competitors.

Hope this helps!
^^ 2nd that.
very competitive pricing on many compact cars and good quality in house built parts also.
Heck yes, I live 20 min away from Modern you can bet your behind I'll be buying from them once the parts start coming out.
Somebody who has taken off their exhaust should post a picture or layout of it so us who can make custom exhauts can start planning.
check out gravana tuning. they're the ones doing the 300 whp cobalt ss, and they have alot of parts, including they're own custom intake for the cobalt. and they update the site rather quickly too.
jeez dean, are you on every forum? anyway, just opened last month and they have a few parts for you guys as well. im sure they will carry more as soon as parts come out for your vehicles.
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