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WHo has one?

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I've been readin around this forum a lil bit, but it doesn't sound like too much first hand experience

How many of you have a cobalt SS?

I know there isn't very many out there, But i wanna know what experiences people have had already

Also how much did u pay for it.
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I believe there's only like 12 that have been sold in the US?
I've only heard of one person on this forum having one.
Damn, only 1 person on here, and 12 period??

wholey shit

Well ok then, make that 2 people on here, and 11 others out there available LOL
I bought a black SS with red inserts on 3/5/05. It is sitting in my garage with 54 miles on it, 49 of those from the dealer to home.

I don't have enough experience with it yet to give you a thorough review, but I can tell you the power was exceptional. It is easy to break traction at take off, and the car rides quiet and tight. The wing isn't doesn't block much at all, as the view is through the edge of it.

I plan on putting a few more miles this weekend, hoping the roads get cleaned of all the salt and crap soon.
54 miles

damn dood

i'm gonna put prolly 200 miles on tomorrow LOL

BTW its red, with red inserts, and a sunroof (from what i'm told the sunroof is gonna be a rarity but that might be BS)
The "regular" 2-door Cobalts are just slowly trickling into the dealerships now in my area. Haven't seen an SS yet.

I test drove a 4-door; must have been back in November.
Not even any BASE coupes here in West Tenn.
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