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I guess you could call it a Cobalt vs Monte Carlo story, with the Cobalt getting wasted.

I was sitting in a gas station parking lot when I heard tires squealing right behind me. I turned to look and saw a blue Cobalt Coupe going WOT through the parking lot, through a stop sign out of the parking lot, and still WOT through another stop sign into a busy intersection. The idiot just barely came up short of T-boning a white car and then got T-boned himself by a Monte Carlo directly behind the white car, sending the Monte Carlo across the intersection and into on-coming traffic. I never once saw him hit his brakes. After the Cobalt driver failed to start his car (hopefully he wasn't trying to flee), he then handed something to the passenger who quickly walked off down the road and disappeared. It looked like something straight out of America's Greatest Police Chases the way he tried to carelessly and blindly shoot through the intersection. The entire 2 hours I waited for the Hwy Patrol to show up so I could give a statement, he pretty much sat there at the gas station with a smirk on his face.

This is why parents should spank their kids! :mad:
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