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Well I am thinking of selling my account as is my buddy.

My account : 60 shaman, 49 rogue, 23 mage (along with around 15 other random guys)
His account: 60 rogue, 26 warlock (along with around 8 other guys)

If anyone is interested or knows someone who is, email me at [email protected] and I can send you a list of items on the characterse (I am not listing a price as we only have a general idea for what we want).

The characters are on the Burning Legion US server.

My friends account has his characters in a guild that has Molten Core on farm status and is starting Blackwing Lair (ZG is on farm and AQ 20 is almost on farm, AQ 40 has just begun).

My account (since I quit for a bit) has his characters removed from the same guild (due to not

We are just seeing how much we could sell them for (I am more willing than he is) as we just don't want to play it anymore.

Any questions just email or PM me.
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