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wrx or SS?

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Hey guys im in a tough situation...... I currently have an 02 wrx impreza, and im thinkin of trading it in for an 05 cobalt SS. Do u think this is a wise decision to make? Or is the wrx a better car to have for stock power and speed? I have read on both this forum site and the wrx forums, and have not found anything comparing the two cars directly. Any ideas on what to do?
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I owned a 2004 STi and now own an '04 Red Line. If you're talking about a financially good move, stick with what you've got especially if it's paid off or close to depending on condition of the car and remaining warranty. A new car is always a BAD investment, you WILL lose money. Right now there is very little aftermarket support for the SS in comparison with the WRX but that is changing. The WRX is a great car with a proven track record and TONS of potential (not to mention much better in the rain/snow). The SS is very new and not even much faster than a stock WRX. One big advantage the SS may have is the dealer installed staged upgrades possible pushing out nearly 300 hp and still maintaining a warranty. I wouldn't give in to a rush decision seeing as how you've got a great car as it is. You might want to go to a stealership and take one for a spin and call your insurance company. If you wait till the end of the year, you may be able to get a great deal on an SS if you choose to go that route. You really have to look at your personal situation to know what the correct decision is.

Hope I didn't make the waters even more murky than they were.
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No, thanks for the advice. My car has about 40k(thats not too many) on it and is trashed, not from me though. It has been in the family for a while, and taken a bit of a beating. It wouldnt be a tough financial situation for me because my parents proposed this idea (not to sound like a spoiled brat). I have taken the SS for a spin and it seems like a great car. I just do not know whether to take on this new car and wait for mods....... or go ahead and order stuff for my rex. I need to talk this over with my family and go back to the dealer to help my decision even further.

Thanks for your help

P.S: any SS owners know any positives to the SS that could help me out?
Well, right now you have a "uniqueness" I just had mine in the local car show and I'm the only one in town with an SS...everyone ooooo'd and awwed over it. (nice ego boost)

But like its been said, the mod scene isnt that hot for it yet, but it looks like its starting to pick up steam.

I personally love my SS....I was driving downtown here yesterday and had my sunroof open and I heard a guy with a couple of girls say "Damn that has to be one of the sweetest cars I have ever seen!"

- owner of a black Cobalt SS :D
If the car's trashed, there really is no question. You'll miss the AWD though. The LSJ gets faster after 3k miles too. The mods are just weeks from coming out. Within a couple of months you can probably have a twincharger on it.
Onelung, do u have any pics of your black SS? That is the color i want, but ive only seen red and yellow.

Thanks for the help both of you..... and yes i will miss the AWD
You should see the looks from some Mustang owners as they get beat by a Saturn. It's just too much. Total sleeper for 16k :D
(just to clarify, I said SOME Mustang owners)
ablair504 said:
P.S: any SS owners know any positives to the SS that could help me out?
If ya get one, get one with a G85 package! LSD and Recaro's are WELL worth $1500!!!!!
I say the WRX, and mod it with the money you got!!!!!:D
GOOD: you'll have a new car, it will be unique, it won't be trashed, you'll be able to change your own sparkplugs.

BAD no more AWD, wait for parts to be made, you'll be pissed if you get beat by a WRX (j/k),

i don't know.. i think the only way to find out is to test drive a SS. thats the only thing i can say.. anyways good luck with your decision.
ok thanks for the help, im going into the dealer today to see what kind of trade in i would get from the wrx. CoBIZZLE, the SS we were looking at does have that package with the LS differential and the seats, but we saw another one fully loaded with out that package for much less. I wish i could get it but i dont think the car with that package on it is going to be available(cost wise) :( . Is the limited slip that big of a deal? Or just something nice to have in certain situations? :confused:
get the LSD....fwd with no LSD is gey and one wheel burnouts look stupid. yea you're gonna need it.
I don't have the LSD in my redline (granted I wish I did for winter reasons) but I get 2 wheel burnouts through all of first and almost all of 2nd. The equal length half shafts really help that.
It WILL help your cornering as well as the launches too. In cornering you're inside wheel will spin ridiculously!
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