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V-8 Cavy and V-8 Neon

Hey guys! I went to Import and Truck Bash in Indianapolis this weekend and saw a few very interesting things. There was a couple of SS's there along with mine. One had a custom hood (when I say custom I mean the guy did it himself). It looked kind of Evo style. It was VERY cool. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera when I saw it or I would have taken a picture. I did however manage to catch a couple of things with my camera that would interest you..........

I was kind of dissapointed in the numbers but it really wasn't running very well..... Sounded like it needed some work....

By the way if you can't tell yes it has a Chevy small block. You could not even tell it had a V-8 as it was cruising past you. It could be the perfect sleeper if it was ever fixed and running right.

This thing sounded VERY MEAN!! My buddy was behind him and told me on the radio hey I found a race for ya.. I said oh yeah? He said Yeah its a neon that says 8 secs on the plate... I told him whatever then a few minutes later it drove by :eek: I almost crapped!!lol It was a very cool car!!
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